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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Team Wild Mama lands in Frankfurt, KY
Day 2 of the race finds Team Wild Mama and most other teams passing the night in KY. The weather from Mason City to Decatur was not giving in to allow us to leave. but we finally got off. Read more aout it in the 2008 Race pages and enjoy the photos linked on the page.
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pre-Race Activities in Bozeman
We are having a blast in Bozeman with all of the pre-race activities. The setting, in the valley surrounded by snow capped mountains, is peaceful yet exciting. We will remain here through race morning; then depart on the race at 8 a.m. local time (10 a.m. EDT) for the next part of our adventure. Check the 2008 Air Race Classic page for our daily blog, pictures and more.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

8 Days Until Departure
With just over 1 week until our departure for the race, we find Wild Mama in the shop getting her last minute mechanical go-over: the cowl flap has been repaired, "Betty" has been silenced appropriately and all other squawks and ticks have been repaired. We have to install the numbers on Sunday and put a new set of tires on her (apparently, I am hard on tires). Monday is her spa treatment from IMMACULATE FLIGHT then she gets packed and ready to fly!

Theresa is in Trinidad right now with her job; but she is still in communications with the majic of e-mail (thank goodness). We have been reviewing all of the fly-by information that was just posted on the ARC web site; and all of our drawings and NAV LOG are now complete. Hotel reservations are made; flight plans are made; cookies are being baked (for thank yous to hand out along the way) and thank you cards are complete. Theresa has been diligently studying the historical weather patterns for our route and Terry has studied the terrain; both has been watching the steady stream of storms riding throughout the mid-west and hope that the pattern ceases before race time; otherwise, it might be a very weather driven race for 2008.

Our many thanks to all who have sent in contributions to support our racing effort. There is still a few days if you would like to help. With the cost of fuel sky-rocketing out of control every dollar is extremely helpful and appreciated.  Please remember to sign our guest book and let us know you are out there and follow us on the web. You can check in on Saturday, June 14th, for a test flight of the GPS tracking and guess where Wild Mama will be on Saturday.  
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"Wild Bill":  We are very saddened to hear the news of the loss of our friend, Bill Walker. Bill was killed in his Yak 52 March 26th while performing with his aerobatic team, Red WildBill.JPGWildBill1.JPGThunder, in the Wings Over Flagler Airshow in FL. Click HERE a short clip of an interview with Bill from the 2009 Sparta Airshow. Bill took me for a ride in his Yak 52 on March 12 - just 2 weeks ago, after we finished painting the compass rose at SRB. Note the smiles on our faces - this photo was shot after our photo mission getting aerial shots of the new compass rose from the Yak.