November 4th, 2007: LaBuger in LaBelle was a LaBlast  . . . lots of food, friends and fun . . .

Jessica shows off her J-3 Cub. Sweet!

LAB2.jpgPlanes of every shape and size taxied over or flew into LaBelle for some good 'ole free LAB6.jpghamburgers at the hanger of VERNON CONLY AIR SERVICES.  The day could not have been more spectacular for a fly-in: the weather was crystal clear, winds were light and everyone could fly.LAB1.jpg . . well, all except us, as we were hosting this LaBurger LaBash.

Vern cranked up the grill and kept those burgers comin' throughout the afternoon as fellow pilots chomped on burgers and chewed the fat about (what else?)LAB5.jpg airplanes, airplanes, airplanes.  In addition to burgers, we served up some severely doctored killer beans, Cole slaw, chips and our very own special  desert: "Wild Mama and Nuts" cookies.

All and all we had a turn-out of 35 hungry folks show up in 15 planes and some assorted drive-ins and taxi-overs! Some folks from Pilot Country came with their European Optica; Jessica (our local 99's Chapter President) showed off her J-3 cub; Karl and John and their crews left together but Karl beat John to the runway by a LAB67.jpgnose - he must have been LAB8.jpghungrier today - and fellow ARC racer, and my Mamma Bird, Susan came in from the east coast. Both coasts and the central part of Florida were well represented.

Some hanger flying while lunch digests!
Gabbing & Gobbling.